5 Lessons I’ve Learned In Looking After my Long Hair

My Long hairs are all credit to my mother, during school time, She made sure to oil it and then there I go with two compulsory braids with those black ribbons. However, I love my childhood photographs where the only girl looking cute and girlish was me in the group, all thanks to my long hairs. My long hair inspirations came from Disney cartoons and I started dreaming of my prince too. Even Jasmine(from Alladin) has long strands too.

Although, Visiting a hair salon is a extra burn in your pocket for your long hairs. They actually measure your hairs like if they are above shoulders, below waist and then eventually they charge you. I am a kind of girl who visits a salon and request firmly ” a few inches please”, infact a inch more is like a very bad day for me. Long hairs are like a statement thing which requires almost no effort to style, just leave your hair open you are good to go. In fact, it adds to that girly charm. I still dont understand girls who afford to cut their hairs in pixie, how the hell they can style themselves differently.I am so particular about my hairs that whenever i go to beauty centre, the first thing i eye upon is Hair oil/Hair Conditioner/Hair Care in short. I make sure my scalp is clean and my hairs are healthy all the time.

I still remember the last experiment i did with my hairs was during my bachelors, i highlighted my hairs and it went through the bad hair days for almost 6 months, and then i sweared to myself that i would never color my hair until I am old enough.

I make it a point to say Mashallah whenever someone compliments my hairs, yes I am so mad about it. I will surely post my hair routine on my blog.Till then, do check out the points.

1.Trim it regularly.

2.Do not over-conditioner it and Always use a mild shampoo.

3.Since they are long, the volume of my hairs are less, I should turn somersault while combing. It helps in creating a volume.

4.Avoid going in the sun with wet hairs, it will make it rough and catch the dirt easily.

5.Make sure your oil in the hairs is gone completely after you rinse your shampoo.

Lastly, love your hairs they make you look beautiful all the time.





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