Before you shop for your wedding dress

Before you shop for your wedding  dress:-
Keep these rules in your mind
1.You need to order/stitch your dress at least 1 month before your wedding.
2.Plan ahead:Always keep a idea on your mind,what kind of pattern is required.
3.Comfort ability:Yes I know you want to look good,but at same time,check your dress should be comfortable enough.
4.Fitting of Dress: Think about your body type and what kinds of dresses generally look good on you. Take a look at what you regularly wear that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
5.Your day:I know the glow on your face will make you look beautiful,but your dress should make you look like a bride,it should neither be too sober nor too wacky.
6.Color:Color is important, see what suites you the best at times its red or pink or orange 
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