BergerXP Indiblogger Meet at Mumbai

Hello people,

It’s been a crazy weekend, and all thanks to BergerXP and Indiblogger, it was a shoutout to all the bloggers in Mumbai. And when bloggers meet they talk, they eat, they promote in their own special way. I was quite nervous when I was asked to talk about the expectations of the meet, although all I was expecting was fun and new experience. Since it is the painting product, I did expect some kind of painting activity.


BergerXP Indiblogger meet was at Taj Vivanta,Cuffe Parade. We were given a barcode invite for the day. As soon as we landed on the venue, there was a lot of hustle bustle, bloggers were treated as a celebrity, we were photographed on the stage with the background of BergerXP logo. We were welcomed by Indiblogger team. Since, I reached at perfect lunch time, it was a real time hunger pangs. We were served delicious lunch which included three-course menu. I kept on gorging fish, thanks a lot for inlcuding that in the menu. Entering the venue hall, there were painting equipments on the display, paint colours, sketch pad, paint brushes. Aha, my assumption was right i thought. I love the way the tables were arranged with the team names on each table, like team name-Painter Babu. I must say it was innovative way of promoting paints. Love the Idea.

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Since, Social Media is the king now. Twitter updates were on the big screen. It was fascinating to see our twitter handles and tweets. Like, Fragsk walked in 2hours ago. My eyes came popping up when I saw my twitter handle on display. There were on the spot prizes for best or freaky tweets, although i dint win any, it was still fun.

I should not miss to mentioned we played musical chair in a unique way, like going round the table with mummy dance. I was dancing somehow in my heels. Felt awesome, showing them off.


Then came the BergerXP representative with his presentation, I thought he would bore us till death. But he didnt, he gave us good idea of his product as how to change the way to paint your home with automatic machines.

So, basicallly BergerXP means Berger Express Painting system, a revolutionary concept of painting homes keeping in mind, the hassles real time customer faces during their Home paintings in India.

Benefits for the Customer:-


The painters in this system will use mechanised tools, which will ensure that the painting job finishes soon.In fact, 40-50% faster than the manual process. Isn’t that really happy benefit?


This one is for me, I am allergic to dust. So, painting my home almost kills. My nose is fully covered when my homes get painted. In this system, the painters use some kind of vacuum which reduces the dust during the sanding process.


Since the tools are mechanized, the surface looks better. In result, the finishing as we call is good. And I know some of my relatives keeps talking about good finishing.

2 Types of Painting Services

-Berger Express Painting-GOLD

-Berger Express Painting-PLATINUM

I think we can enquire about the same at BERGER XP


Moving on, There was a Painting competition, the topic was Mumbai meri jaan or India ke colors. To my surprise, only my team choose India ke colours. Did I mention, we actually tried sanding and our team completed Sanding in 17 Seconds, although it was quite dusty.

In the End, results of the winning team were announced and they were given gift vouchers. It was fun and mesmerizing meet.

Hope you had a great weekend too.

Lots of Love,


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