DIY at Engagement Parties

Recently I attended an engagement party , it was an south Indian affair and you wont believe it how happening was the party.With all the religious attires , the groom and bride’s cousin decided to choose a particular color for themselves.The groom choose blue and the bride choose pink, with the play cards in their hands.I was thrilled to pose it myself,the whole idea was fun.We were teasing the team grooom and then we played dumshiraz the famous game of movies.And the winner was given the cupcakes with funny names written on it.

The Guest who were the combination of youngsters and elders , the generation gap was no more seen.I was amazed to see the grandma of the bride dancing at various tunes and asking for the red lipstick.

There were various funny props like team bride, she is pretty,should i propose her .He and she props for bride and groom.Then the photographer came into action and started clicking each moments of fun.
Check out this innnovative cupcake by DIY bride !!

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