Five Black Tshirts you should own


Hello girlies,

I hope your weekend is going good. This weekend for me was tiring but it was quite productive. Did a lot of homework on basics of Fashion, I am a kind of girl who loves more of swag kind of clothes. Like a basic black tshirt with loose fitting and a cool graphic on it. A denim which is a perfect fit is must for me, wear the cap and you are ready for the swag. Nowadays, I am wearing chokers and wearing black nose ring, and highlighting my eyebrows. I know its complete different look from the girl next door. Although, its never revealing in my case. As, I love to keep it modest and stylish at the same time. Although, I love these denim shorts(the one in the above picture) and i rarely wear them. Actually, I do not wear them in city. I don’t like people staring at my legs.

Since, last week was complete shutdown for me, As I was busy in some personal commitments. I thought to pen down some fashion ideas which can be useful to you guys. If you love the basics then this post is surely for you.Its all about the black tshirts you should own in your wardrobe. I hope you at-least have two or three black basic t shirts in your wardrobe, if not then you should surely shop!

1.Black Tshirt with Net Sleeves


2.Box Tshirt with White

3.Black Tshirt Dress

4.Black Basic with bold letters

5. See Through Black Tshirt.

Tell me which is your favorite tshirt from the above, or which one is tempting you? I like the Box tshirt, as I am really comfortable with the fit. I am no thin and no fat kind of a person, so box tshirt looks uber on me. This tshirts can worn almost on any casual days and they will surely make you look stylish. I hope you like this post. There is lot more coming up.

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