Furry Slippers: The New Trend 2017

I saw her walking across the street from my office window. As if the sun was shining for her, her hairs were golden with waves. It must be colored I guessed. Loved her dress, it was white with a lace stuff. Her rose-gold metallic watch was a perfect timing with her chanel bag. I stopped at her feet it was furry. She was wearing a furry slippers. First, I thought did she slipped in her bedroom shoes. But, I was wrong. When I saw Internet blooming with furry slipper trends.

Fashion Trends like Pajamas, Ripped denim, Ripped tees, Off-shoulders, Loose t-shirts, Loose dress, fitted leather pants are energy to this fashion season. One could have never thought of furry slippers as a high trend alert. Come on, Brands like Nike don’t sell just anything.

I was not surprise when I saw bunch of Fashion bloggers adorning this comfortable flurry slippers in their Instagram posts. Then, the trend reached airport looks for Bollywood actresses.

You can wear this Furry Slippers with the following :-

  • Plain Maxi Dresses
  • Denims
  • Long skirts
  • Sleek Pants
  • Boy Friend Denims

You cannot wear this Furry Slippers with the following :-

  • Ethnic Dress
  • Short skirts
  • Pallazos
  • Short Dress
  • Formal pants


Look at Kardashians wearing the trend

I hope this post gave you some sense of Fashion news 🙂

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Image Courtesy :- Alibaba.com , Pinterest, Google

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