Getting Dressed for mehendi

I remember the day when I had blast at mehendi ceremony at my cousins place ,we had this mehndi ceremony at a hall .all the youngsters around and all the elders giving their advices and also narrating their stories .We played with haldi like Holli and it was fun
The mehendi ceremony marks the beginning of the wedding functions. This is the time when the hands and feet of the bride are decorated with beautiful henna designs. It is one of the most rejoiced pre-wedding celebrations as it involves dancing, music and a lot of entertainment.
Mehendi ceremony is celebrated in different ways in different religions and places!
However it depends how we celebrated.
Tips for Bride on this day
-Wear a beautiful Yellow dress(not so expensive as mehendi and haldi(turmeric) will have stains on it
- A simple and elegant ghagra with light gotta, mirror or dapka embroidery is recommended.
-Do not wear any jewelery.
-Keep smiling its your day
-Try a look which is delicate.
-Turmeric will do the magic on you
Hope this will help you to guide you in mehendi ceremony
Before you shop for your wedding dress

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