How to style a Cape?


Whether you are wearing a crop top, a ripped jeans, a short dress or a lace top, there is always a way to style a Cape. In fact, there are ways to style a cape. Wearing a Cape is stylish challenge because it is difficult to look unique and fashionable at the same time. Gone is the time when you saw capes only on the Runway. Now, Capes are the latest trends in India too. You can team up your capes with your t-shirt and ripped jeans. There are formal capes available which can be worn with jeggings and shirts. Make the monochrome out of the cape, wear white printed t-shirt with the black long cape. Else, wear that same length cape with your knee-length dress. I recently bought a Black cape and I am playing with different ways to wear that cape. I am still finding out where I will get the White cape I am looking for. It does not matter what shape or size you are, Cape will surely make you look stylish.

Cape with denim

Capes make you appear stylish and fashionable. Wear those nude pumps and do the magic.


Floral Capes

If you love florals, then this is the floral cape with lace connections. It looks awesome with chiffon tops and denim. If you want to give it boho look, then pair it with dhoti salwars. Capes can be teamed up with almost everything. But team it right.

Casual Cape

This one is the layered cape which gives a casual chic look, I love the combination of this layered capes with boots. What do you think?

Floral Cape

As I said, Teaming up the cape with almost everything. Here come the denim shorts. Adding a belt will alter the look. You can wear the black or red belt. Adding some metal jewellery will give a boho touch. Somehow, I don’t understand why capes came so late in Indian fashion trends. They are modest, feminine and fashionable. Maybe, it came in the west due to the weather effect.

Cape with a belt

White Cape

Here comes my favorite Cape, the White Cape with layers and hood. Last time, when I had visited Pink Post exhibition, I saw a girl wearing this cape with pastel dress. I feel in love with the white cape but somehow couldn’t ask her about the same.

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