Pipa Bella Karma Bracelets

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Long time, Really happy and excited to be back on my blog. So, here is the bang of bangles by Pipa Bella. Our very own brand offering trendy fashion jewellery and accessories to women in India.I will keep this post short and sweet, so that you can have a look at these most wanted bracelets, which is from Karma collection. Easy to wear bracelets comes in Silver and Gold color. Get your karma text on your wrist and rock your world.

I would prefer to wear three of them instead of one, so that i can slay it. You can pair these bracelets with watch or more bracelets too. However, they look awesome without any pairing. As they say, Less is more. These bracelets are 18k silver/golden plated bracelets. So, they will shine as you wear them.  Or, you can gift them to your best friend. Try wearing the self-love, believe, girl boss, blessed bangles together. Check out the complete collection at www.pipabella.com. They are cost  friendly as well as fashionable. Have a look 🙂

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