Top 5 Wedding lehengas for Modern Brides


We are no more shy girls who would hide around the world to get married. We are the one who have freedom of choice. Whether the choice says to get married in arrange marriage style or the choice says to marry the one you love. We are also the 21st-century girls who would opt not to marry at all. But what matters are choices and decisions we make. Life is a beautiful gift given to us by god, let’s enhance it by looking good by our choice. As it says ” Look good, feel good”.

It does not matter whether you are educated lady with the MBA degree looking professional in those shirts and trousers. Or you are a College going funky girl whose only dream is to get married. And absolutely fine if you are religious enough to adorn yourself with those religious sentiments. It’s all about your choice. No, I am not trying to go off topic here. I have seen nowadays brides are looking for new options for their Wedding lehengas. We are not the ones who will go and buy the bridal dress on the basis of others choices.

Gone are those days when the only options for bridal lehengas were Red, pink and Green. I love those colors too. But we have a rainbow in our hands and designers are giving us more chance to look beautiful on our wedding day.I was amazed at the bride asking for black color wedding lehenga, she love the color and wanted to wear a black color wedding lehenga on her wedding day.

Not only the color, the design, and pattern also matters here. Designers are creating innovative and beautiful bridal stuff which cannot be ignored. They are budget friendly if you ask for. You can customize the wedding lehenga according to your choice. You can also ask for the Bollywood type dhinchak lehenga.

Who would have thought multicolor would be wedding bride’s trousseau?


These beautiful lehengas are such a blessing that even a trial will make you go on the seventh cloud. I remember trying one of the Neeta lulla wedding creation and I was completely off my mind. It gives you such a feminine look that you will fall in love with yourself.






So tell me what is your choice? Which lehenga you like?

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