What to wear in October in Germany?

If you are not adhering to cold temperatures, then you should be prepared to witness chilly mornings and windy cold evenings in Germany. During October, the temperature is usually between 0-10 degree Celsius. For localities, it is normal cold. But for us, it’s trembling at times. I still remember my teeth were trembling and my face became super cold. And that is why winter clothing is a must.

But in Europe, everything is carried with style. Layering coats and winter stoles with those boots with the perfect color of your lips and hairdo is not so difficult.

Waiting at the train station and gazing at the rails, I saw a bahn coming on the opposite side. A Bahn which is full of stylish people. A Chilly evening with those winter shawls neatly wrapped around their necks and the golden watches were perfect at the first glance. While I was waiting for UBahn, I saw a bunch of people crossing the rails; they have a distinct nature to smile. The Colors they wear are so pastels in nature. But trying something bright is not aloof.

It does not matter where are you going? The only rule is to keep it stylish. Trying Long black jackets with different combinations of dresses and polos is another fun. Being a lipstick person, it makes a statement though.

Add some fur to your layering

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Boots with the perfect jeggings


Add more layers to your clothing

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