What to wear this Eid? Try these Chiffon Dresses

Being a hardcore shopaholic, i have never been a fan of only Eid shopping. I shop whenever i like, be it any day of the year. But, Since it’s the time of festival, we can surely look for something new to wear and look more pretty, plus it would add more blinge in your wardrobe.

So, for today’s post I am presenting some cool ethnic dresses which will make you look beautiful, pretty and delicate at the same time. I am sure you will love this dresses, as they are light and cool. For me, i call it ” Dress like a princess”. As a Muslim, I love to dress modestly while you are wearing ethnic and being modest does not mean being not modern. So, lets check out this straight chiffon dresses with ankle length pants. It depends on the  what color you choose, black is my always option, it looks beautiful on anybody and any body type. Pairing these black jacket dress with your stilettos.




Have you ever tried floral pants? If not, you should try floral pants like this one. But make sure the flowers are small enough for the pants. And the netted dupatta would add to your look. Last time, I tried flared pants with straight Kurtis, it looked different and stylish at the same time. Nowadays, whenever i visit south Mumbai, I see the trend of these pants almost everywhere.


I am in love with this dull tea pink embroidered chiffon dress, this is the most beautiful pink color designed with golden embroidery. And the sleeves are so articulately made for the feminism.


Chiffon dresses looks just awesome on any girl, just add a charm of your light makeup and you are ready to go for your Eid Celebrations. I am yet to get affiliated with brand, so I am assuming this is a guest post. If you have gone through the content and not only pictures, you can contact me for details for this dresses.

Till then Be Happy!

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