When you Slay the Blue AnarKali

Guten Tag,

Life is strange and surprising all the time. I believe life can’t be a straight line, if it is then you are dead. Ups and Downs are part and parcel of your destiny. I know this blog is not at all philosophical, but i do chatter lot of about philosophy of life. Does it make sense to walk on the road without knowing where are you going? Or is it like we should go with the flow.

Enough of me now, I wanted to start a Youtube Channel, I have recorded few videos. Although, editing is not so fun. Damn it is so time-consuming. Since, I am not Full time Blogger, it eats my time. Plus, I am little hesitant to upload. Am I over thinking?

Coming to the Blue Anarkali I am wearing, it has mirror works and blue-white prints. I have teamed it with my black jeggings. It flows asymmetrical and fun. I am a big fan of Anarkalis, so i got this one from Mumbai Crawford Market, they have pretty cool collection. Although, whenever I am shopping the first thing I see is black, it is my weakness. Somehow, i pick the black. Hence, my wardrobe is full of black. I keep myself reminding that NO Black now.

Below picture is fun, since it was burning hot this day. I was sweating like hell, hence did not take closeup snaps. Did you notice my pink tassle earrings? I love them ;p

This little lady was so keen to click pictures with me, she even started posing with me.Hence the picture.

Go find yourself, dont get lost in the crowd.

Lots of Love,


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