Why Wedding Shoes should be wisely chosen?

Are you looking at her shoes? Why had Cinderella owned such a beautiful shoe? Have you ever wondered about it, Why shoes played an important role in fairytales too. I love the mirrors and glitter at the bottoms. It makes you look oh so girlish. Now is the time, where your shoes speak about your style.And you cannot simply match up your shoes with any type of clothing you wear.You need to be careful about the style check!

After our Checklist for Clothes, Matching Necklace, Bracelets, Bangles, Lipstick, Makeup and Hairstyle is done. Now comes another lovely task of selecting the right pair, you guessed it right.
You know shoes says a lot about you. So lets describe yourself with your shoes.

What is your Silhouette for Shoes When you are attending a Wedding?

Sandals are the first option to choose from the Shoes collection. Not because they are trendy but because they are easy to pick up from. Plus they are gorgeous when you look at them. They are comfortable to wear and give you an exclusive look for weddings too. Irrespective of any dress you wear, Sandals can be paired up with all of them. And that is why I said its one of the easy shoe shopping option. You will find them with diamonds. Lots of colors available with different designs. Have a look!

Peep Toes
I love the name of this shoe. Your toe is peeping out of your shoes. Be cautious of pedicure done while attending wedding with the Peep toe. They look good but not on all dresses. If you love these kinds then you have to pair it with proper dress. Like for Indian dresses, It won’t look so good with Sarees but would look awesome with Ghera Anarkalis. For Gowns, if you are wearing maxi gowns then the peep toes does not show up so good. But they look ecstatic with those short dresses.

I can wear it anywhere. They make you look so stylish and everybody always have one on your Foot style. They make you look feminine and taller at the same time.Stilletos are the most versatile options if you choose it wisely. Please don’t pick plain ones while you are attending weddings. As you will turn up looking like you are attending your official meeting in the glittering dress.

Ballet Flat
I remember one of my friend asking for Ballet Flat while attending her sister’s wedding.They looked at her with awe kind of look. But, when she styled her ballet shoes with her gorgeous anarkali dress. It was looking beautiful and stunning. Are you finding it strange? Check the number Ballet options in the market. You will simply love the Ballet Shoe maker

Why are they called pumps? I am wondering that. They are good comfort options to hide your foot. You can simply dance on the dance floor with the pumps. I wish nude pumps could be paired up with Indian dresses. While the maxi dresses and gowns can definitely pair up with the pumps.

Have you seen the Chinese Thong shoes Collection? Their creativity with thongs is awesome. Thongs are the shoes which would give you barefoot look. The Middle rope coming from your toes is usually decorated with colours or buttons or flowers.

Flip Flops

The most comfortable ones are flip flops. I know you must be thinking why I have included this in wedding shoes option. First question, do you like the comfort you have in flip flops? Do you like the trendy wedding shoes design? What if both the ideas are combined? Yes, the shoemaker did that right. Now there are flip-flops available, which are made to design for occasions like weddings.

Are you looking for more shoes collection then check here?
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