Yatra for Life- Andamans Havelock Island


What if you are given one chance to go for a holiday? Assume this is the last holiday of your life. Where would you go?  Be it domestic or international, holiday sounds awesome music to your ears. We are wayfarer in this planet, and thus must surely checkout some beautiful parts of this planet before we go. I am a water lover as well as nature lover, my dream of holiday was a serene beach with blue waters, white and calmness all around. Rather, I would not like many people around me. So, Goa was not an option for me. While, international was not affordable for me. So, my husband gave me surprise, I never knew he had a hidden travel planner inside him. And the destination was Andaman(Havelock). And this was our yatra.


He booked the tickets two months before, so that we would have our savings in that. He did a lot of research on almost every travel website to get the best discounts on air tickets, checking the flight schedule, as it should match our work timing schedules.

We booked tickets for







Then, we did other advance booking as well, Since we wanted to enjoy luxury too and not burn our pockets, my husband to book government cruise(From portblair to Havelock), while returning we booked royal cruise -Makruzz ferry (From Havelock to portblair). But, I loved the feel of government cruise where we were allowed to sit on the top open area. There were some cool tourists around, lost in their own world and playing their music collection. It was beautiful experience to sit with your life partner around strangers and listening to music and feeling the nature where everything is surrounded by water and lots of water.

SeaShell Resort

We decided to explore only Havelock and have all the fun and romantic time over, since my husband is an excellent planner and he is good at mugging up routes. He did lot of research on routes from Havelock to beaches(Govindnagar Beach, Elephanta Beach  and Radhanagar), where we went on scooty.


He did hotel booking at Sea-Shell Resort, which is nearby Govindnagar Beach(We got discount over here too). However, I was in love with this other Holiday Inn Beach Resort, trust me you will love the location of this resort, you will be blessed to see Sunrise, Bluewater and privacy. And the Food here was just awesome, try soups and lobsters over here. They serve it fresh!


Andaman is best known for water sports, and I must say they are just awesome. My husband made sure to ask again and again, that we had already done scuba diving in Tarkeli, but did not like it. We would love to see marine life and clear blue waters. And what we saw was beautiful, I still love the feel of swimming with fishes. Imagine, the marine life all around you. Nemo passing  right in front of your eyes. Think about the colors so alive! It was once in a lifetime moment.

Then, what we saw of Live Heaven, it was Radhanagar Beach. I am sure the photos captured could not do justice to the window of heaven. If this is even a shadow of heaven, then I would love to go to heaven and live their forever and ever!

It was the best vacation of my life!

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