Yellow Mustard Kurti from Jabong

Salaam people,

Hope you are doing good in everything. So ,this Sunday it is lot of work. You will see lot of post coming up, make sure you check your updates. I am planning to add some more creativity to my pictures, you can see that in my recent instagram post. I am not socially active on Snapchat these days, although i love playing with it. Come on, who doesnt want to become a dog and a Fairy princess at the same time. But, since there is instagram live, I am not doing any snapchat. Do you guys use snapchat often?

Enough of my chatterbox, lets talk about this Yellow or mustard kurta I got from Jabong. I mentioned both the color as i am confused which is this color, although it from yellow family. Hence the title.

Okay, this is the most coolest kurta in my wardrobe, I swear, I really do.

Very easy to wear and loose fitted and makes you look Awesome. Wear it with denim, Wear it jeggings or simply dont wear anything and wear it like a kurti dress. You wont believe, I have teamed this kurti with so many footwears, although i love this white sneakers.

Have you guys tried wearing any ethnic kurtis with sneakers?


The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts feeling like one.

Lots of Love,



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